About Rondebosch Medical Centre

About Us

Rondebosch Medical Centre is an independent private hospital conveniently located on Klipfontein Road, opposite Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

RMC services include a 24-Hour Emergency Unit, Operating Theatres, Surgical Unit, GIT Unit, Medical Unit, Intensive Care Unit, Oncology Unit, Haematology Unit, Renal Unit, Paediatric Unit, Maternity Unit, Neonatal Unit, Cardiac Unit, Psychiatry, Radiology, and Pathology Services.
Rondebosch Medical Centre is committed to being a world class facility that provides excellent medical care and a caring and compassionate environment for our patients.

To be a hospital renowned for excellent medical care, trustworthiness and one that contributes to the health and
wellbeing of all our patients, and society at large.

To be a world class facility that draws on the latest medical innovation and research in treating our patients. To provide a caring, compassionate and supportive environment for patients and their loved ones. To play a central role in the health and development of individuals and their families through public health seminars and community interaction.

Core Values
Our Core Values guide how the staff at RMC interact with each other and guides how the staff care for patients.
values are central to the ethos of the organisation and we strive to enthusiastically inculcate these values in our everyday interactions.

Patient centric approach, to create a caring and compassionate and supportive environment for patients and their loved ones. In all our interactions demonstrating a commitment to human dignity.

Integrity: To be honest, sincere and respectful in our dealings with those we work with and those that we serve.
Professionalism: Highest value placed on standards of excellence, staff will strive to combine skills with humanity. To create an environment that does not tolerate racism, sexism, xenophobia or any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation.


85 Klipfontein Road
Opposite Red Cross
Childrens Hospital


Main Reception
021 680 5920
Emergency Unit
021 685 8706